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About Sicily.

Sicily is a fascinating island, crossed by ancient, millenary traditions, carried all around the world by the sirocco and mistral winds. This is what brought the idea of following the coasts from north to south, from east to west… filming the characteristics of the small towns… the customs, the beaches, and windsurf… a fantastic sport.

Carrying out.

A few months later, the idea was realized, the duration and the cost of the production, between technical and sports equipment, cars, and transports, was around 10 thousand dollars and we could have finished in a year and a half (weather permitting). Today, we have reached the first half of our journey, on both an economic and a management level… we are as ready and excited as ever, but we need your help to finalize this dream.

available DVD.

If everything goes as planned, the DVD should be finished by January 2016, at the moment about half of the places planned in the management program have been filmed.


Hi everyone! I am Pietro Aiello, a video-maker but also a sportsman, with a passion for surfing and windsurfing.
I am pleased and very excited about presenting my new project, which involves nature as well as sports and the beauty of Sicily, hoping that your contribution will help me complete this dream that began a long time ago. It is about creating a (DVD) documentary about the most enchanting and windy places of our island, in which there will be an alternation of spectacular windsurfing actions and the uncontaminated nature offered by this wonderful island.
A particular thank to Claudio Badiali (CHALLENGERSAILS) … Who has proved that a lot can be achieved with his simplicity and disposability and the windsurf is and will be always a magic sport allowing us to grow and yet to be children by a gust of wind.

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Our Team

Piero Aiello

Piero Aiello

Nomen Omen Movie

Video Maker and windsurfer...creator and director of the project Nomen Omen Movie

Patrizia Galvagno

Patrizia Galvagno

Nomen Omen Movie

Marketing Manager in Nomen Omen Movie Project

Peppe D’urso

Peppe D’urso

Nomen Omen Movie

photographer in Nomen Omen Movie Project.

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